Lauri Leadley, CCSH, RPSGT, President- Clinical Sleep Educator | Owner, President at Valley Sleep Center | Creator of #SleepWellSunday, blogger, media “go-to” for all things sleep!  Lauri Leadley is available as a keynote speaker on topics of  success, positive thinking, and sleep.

Ms. Leadley’s fascination with the physiology of sleep began more than 30 years ago when she was a respiratory therapist, treating a patient with sleep apnea for the first time.  It’s what ultimately inspired her to become a sleep technologist.  One day, one of her patients who woke up after a sleep study said, “Wow, Lauri – I’ve never dreamt before!  Last night I had dreams!”  Can you imagine?  This stunning revelation was a pivotal moment – a turning point in her career.  It is what propelled her forward in demystifying all aspects about sleep and what has brought her to this place before you today.

Most would agree that as a society, our day is measured by how much we “get done” – it’s often a race against time to “do all the things”.  But the human body needs adequate sleep.  The health of its physical, mental, and spiritual condition relies on it – good sleep, sound sleep…the kind that refreshes, motivates one to tackle the day.

Lauri is a 2x cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed at the age of 26 while carrying her youngest.  To say that chronic pain, discomfort and let’s just say it – CANCER disrupted her sleep is an understatement.  Through treatment after treatment, carrying her pregnancy full-term, plus being the CEO of her own fledgling business, she knew he couldn’t ignore the consequences of poor sleep any longer.  However, she’ll tell you that it wasn’t until her second cancer diagnosis that struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep was negatively impacting her body’s ability to heal.  This perpetual state of unrest, chronic pain, and anxiety would have consequences.  She knew that if she wanted to live to see the day when taking the grandkids to Disneyland was “a thing” she’d have to take her own advice.  Sometimes that’s the hard part, taking advice and moreover, practicing what we preach.

Lauri has been changing her clients’ minds about sleep for over two decades.  With six Valley Sleep Center locations and a seventh opening this summer, Lauri leads a team of 150 people including MD’s, NP’s, providers who are board certified in sleep disorders, sleep therapists, coaches, and industry professionals to educate and inform, treat, and research sleep.  She has helped tens of thousands of patients reclaim their sound slumber and there’s no telling where the next couple of decades will take her.

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