Mother’s Day Musings

I cannot remember a time that my mother wasn’t by my side. My family moved away from Arizona when I was 18, leaving me behind. This was my stubborn choice, as I did not want to live in Rockford, Illinois. So for her to be here for me through every surgery and most chemotherapy treatments that I’ve had in my life, has been a not only a gift but some of the best memories for me.


I met my mother-in law-when I was just 18. Rita has always been such an encouragement to me. Her faith and perseverance captured my heart from day one. I just hope I’ve raised my two sons to be the man that she raised.

Glenn's Mom

I’ve spent this last week here in Mesa with my daughter and granddaughters who came to visit from Australia. It has been pure joy to watch my daughter be a mother. Mostly, because I never thought I’d get to.

Feeding the ducks

I saw a meme once that said “a grandmother is a mom with lots of frosting”.

A grandma is a mom with lots of frosting


(By the way, do you know what’s better than grandkids? More grandkids!!

And I hope to get to have more sometime soon! I’ll take as many grandkids as my kids want to give me!)

Yesterday I picked up my two mothers, who are now great-grandmothers, so we can all enjoy our grand girls together. We will be making new memories and celebrating that “LaLa” is finished with all of her breast cancer treatments.

Mother’s Day can be painful for many, as they don’t get to be a mom or they’ve lost their mom. Some mothers have lost a child or two. If you’re reading this and this is you, I’m praying that all the good memories will bless you today.

Thank you again for all of your support and Happy, Happy Mother’s Day!