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    Lauri’s fascination with the physiology of sleep began more than 30 years ago when she was a respiratory therapist and saw a patient with sleep apnea for the first time. It led her to become a sleep technologist. One of her fondest memories is recalling her very first patient who woke up after a sleep study and said, “Wow, I’ve never dreamt before and l last night I had dreams!” It was a turning point in her career.

    She felt that our culture, in general, doesn’t recognize the human body’s need for adequate sleep. She was guilty of this for years. Chronic pain had interrupted her sleep and life for as long as she could remember, yet she continued to ignore it.

    It wasn’t until her second cancer diagnosis that she found herself struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep and she knew that the lack of sleep was impacting her body’s ability to heal. She experienced first-hand the results of having a long-running pattern of sleep loss and its effect on her health.

    Her own health challenges over the years fed her desire to change lives. Valley Sleep Center was founded to help patients overcome THEIR sleep battles.